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  Ningxia Dezhong Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., a fine chemical enterprise, is integrated with research and development, production and marketing of pyridine and its products.The company was jointly established on June 24, 2015 by Ningxia Ningdong Sanchen Trading Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Ningdong Energy and Chemical Investment Co., Ltd. with respective proportion of shares of 51% and 49%. Its registered capital was RMB 100 million, and the company was located in the south of the third new materials park of Ningxia Ningdong energy and chemical industry base with an area of 300 mu.
   The scope of business and main products are: production and sales of pyridine and its products. The production scale the Company now is 20,000 tons of mixed pyridine, 2000 tons of 2-cyanopyridine, 800 tons of 4-methylpyridine and 50,000 tons of formaldehyde every year. The second phase of the project will set up 7 production lines for downstream products of pyridine with the production scale of 26,000 tons/year, mainly for medicine, pesticides, dyes, household and personal care chemicals, feed additives and other fields. Pyridine and its products of the Company have filled the gaps in Ningxia and even in northwest China.
   Since its establishment, the Company has always been following business philosophy of "integrity-based, innovative and practical, scientific management, quality first" and adhering to the development of green and low-carbon economy in order to build a first-class fine chemical enterprise with its pyridine products. The Company is equipped with 120 people, among them, there are 31 professional and technical personnel of various types, including 2 doctors, 7 senior engineers and more than 20 other technical staffs. A group of high-quality talents with professional management and an excellent technical team are gathered here. During the period of "13th Five-Year Plan", the Company will continue to increase investment in product R & D, develop new varieties, extend industrial chains of pyridine products, maintain the leading position of domestic technology, and promote the Company's pyridine and downstream products to the international market with excellent technical superiority and honest brand quality in order to build a better future.
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