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  The river flows rapidly into the sea with surging and endless power. Since its establishment, Ningxia Dezhong Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "driven by science and technology, develop with innovation" and implementing the business philosophy of "Honesty first, in pursuit of excellence with innovation and scientific management". At this stage, our country has been developing national energy and chemical industry base in Ningdong and encouraging chemical industries to put forward macroeconomic policies for construction. Based on this, we should take establishing pyridine production base in Ningxia as our mission and goal to achieve improved economic and social benefits with continuous efforts. All employees are working diligently to keep forging ahead, having made outstanding contributions to promoting the healthy development of fine chemical industry and technological innovation of pyridine products. We constantly strive for perfection with a down-to-earth attitude; We stand high and aim far with great expectations.
  Rooted in Ningxia, we aim to reach out to the whole country and expand to the world. Faced with the future, we have only one goal: Through our own strength and contribution to the society as well as "Integrity and Quality", we strive to shape the excellent brand of Chinese pyridine products, so that pyridine products with patented technology of our company will be renowned internationally. The establishment of Ningxia Dezhong Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new prelude for its development. Here, on behalf of all the employees of Ningxia Dezhong Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to people of all walks of life for their long-term concern and support.
  We cherish the previous memories; Today, we make great efforts for creation; Looking forward to tomorrow, we are full of confidence.
  We are convinced that: Mature Dezhong Energy and Chemical will be leading the pyridine industry in Ningxia step forward with more stable pace, time-waits-for no-man urgency and sense of mission. Upholding the concept of integrity and openness, our company is willing to cooperate with you to create a more brilliant future!
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