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Enterprise mission: Build hundred-year foundation and set up leading brand

As a production and marketing enterprise of fine chemical engineering, it is our good intention to chase for an everlasting chemical brand. At the same time, we will transform the responsibilities given by history into endless power to forge ahead with determination and courageously develop ourselves while steadily realizing the great purposes of creating a famous chemical brand.

Management concept: With good faith first, make efforts on innovation under scientific management and pursuit of excellence.

We insist quality as in the first place with a sincere management as an opportunity to develop new products and expand a new business in order to improve the production quality while creating new values in all efforts; we insist science as the first productive power from beginning to end with our managing principle of leading technique and superior products sharing the market.

Enterprise spirit: Take science as power while taking innovation as development.

Under a culture of science-and-technology driven economic development, we consider science, technology and innovation as the original power of our development. As our enterprise spirit, we'll overcome difficulties while facing them; seize the opportunities while facing them; and have the courage to bear the responsibilities.

Service concept: synchronize the enterprise and the market while join our management into the world.

Market is the biggest customer of the enterprises. On the actual demand of the market, we keep pace with the market requirements to know the market as well as meet all the demands of the customers. Join our management into the world under high standard as well as strict requirements to constrain ourselves so as to offer high quality products and perfect services to our customers.

Core value: Innovation, responsibility, integrity and devotion.

Innovation is our foundation of survival:
We know that innovation and development occur every minute in our social age and only good products, which get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, remain us invincible.
responsibility is our way for development:
an enterprise should be responsible for the society, the market and the customers as a courageous enterprise may have further steps steadily.
Integrity is our basis:
integrity is the business card of an enterprise as a key circle of enterprise competitiveness. If we make a commitment to our customers, we should not break faith with them.
Devotion is our soul:
speaking of devotion, junior employees should passionate in their jobs and not lose the great trust. Speaking of devotion, organ staff should be indifferent to fame and wealth as well as willing to pay. Speaking of devotion, leading cadres should be brave in responsibilities. Speaking of devotion, we should forge ahead and succeed attentively.
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