开心激情网激情五月天Competitive Advantages of Products

1:Technological advantages

  The company owns advanced manufacturing technology of 4.4'-bipyridine and has won the invention patent granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. The purity of 4.4'-bipyridine can reach 99% or more, higher than the same level of the industry; The separation technology of 2-chloropyridine products has achieved and maintained the leading position in the country; The world's largest production device of 3-cyanopyridine; With unique catalyst and synthetic technique, our diquat has a high profit and good quality.

2:Competitive advantages of products

  Pyridine producing technique is limited by monopoly of enterprises abroad and raw material of downstream enterprises home with a high industry access threshold and few producing enterprises. Our productions, including 2-methylpyridine, 3-methylpyridine, 4-methylpyridine and 3-cyanopyridine, take a great proportion in the world production while following a high additional value, which have a strong competitive power in the market.

3:Advantages on technique research and development

  Our research institute shall carry out the research and development with famous inland scientific research institutions and universities in long term cooperatively following a technical team full of several chemical experts and high-advanced engineers, forming an integrated mode of "industry-university-research cooperation" as well as a strong technique power on production research and development.

4:Resource advantages

  The raw material we use during producing comes from highly processed products of coal chemical industry. With abundant coal and power resources, convenient communication and transportation as well as material supply bases, for methanol and others, which meet our producing requirements, our products extend local industry chain in accordance with the national industry policies and development of Ningxia key development fields.
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